BoardEffect Review – Top Board Portal Provider


Many business processes have long since reached a new, technological level. So, with the help of software, it has become easier for companies to manage employees and clients, data and transactions. The board of directors is no exception, there are now many digital solutions that would help your board of directors becomes more organized and efficient. One such solution is the BoardEffect board portal, and in this article, we’ll take a detailed look at its features.

General Characteristics of BoardEffect

BoardEffec is software designed to conduct aboard, and improve all of its performance. The program facilitates the work not only of the board participants but also of the board organizers and managers. Today, more than 1,400 companies have found BoardEffect to be a worthy tool for running their affairs, managing the board, and storing confidential information. As of 2021, more than 100,000 people trusted the provider.

The program is suitable for almost any industry, including nonprofit organizations, medical and health care institutions, educational, government, and foundation organizations. 

Program developers had one main goal in mind when creating their product – to make the whole system easy, and they succeeded. Since 2009, the program has continued to serve to make your board meetings more efficient.

Overview of BoardEffect Benefits

Below we describe the main benefits of BoardEffect, understand how they work and exactly how they benefit you during a board meeting:

  • Easy to use board portal software

As many may know and imagine, the board meeting process is very multi-tasking and multi-step, it is complex and demanding. That’s why BoardEffect helps support best practices in every cycle of the boarding process.

  • Board Meeting Cycle

Boards are held at some frequency, and each company has its unique frequency.  The program helps you prepare for the meeting with the ability to generate a digital narrative to instantly inform board members of all the nuances of the meeting. Upload previous meeting minutes and future meeting agendas directly to the board portal space, which is completely secure. All board members will have the opportunity to review the material as soon as it’s ready, so they’ll have more time to prepare for the meeting. The agenda-setting process itself will be much less time-consuming than it used to be. In addition, the program helps you during the meeting and afterward.

  • Annual Board Cycle

The annual board cycle is the most difficult because it is done throughout the year and has a lot of information. BoardEffect can support your annual strategic responsibilities such as compliance policies, appointments, and elections, budget and audit evaluations, etc. The program includes in its features surveys and tools for quick board member orientation.

  • Plan Development Cycle

It usually takes a long time for board members to develop and improve their interactions. But with BoardEffect, you can do this much faster because you can manage many processes, including onboarding, nominations, and training to create a better board. Features like collaboration tools, the ability to create separate groups (for committees or to work on a project), and board training materials will help you do just that.

  • Unlimited Storage

BoardEffect doesn’t limit you on the size of its storage. You can upload absolutely everything you need for your board meeting to the space, as it is securely protected. You can also archive recordings of previous meetings in the space so you can refer to them at any time. The program does not limit the files by their type or volume.