BoardMaps Review – main characteristics and features


A board of directors is required to be organized and productive, but it can’t always be achieved, due to a variety of factors. Using the BoardMaps board portal, you can minimize the impact of various unexpected situations on the progress of your meeting. The software will help you stay prepared at all times, simplify many processes, and increase the overall productivity of your meeting. Provide your board with a constant exchange of information and a single space to complete tasks with efficient features using BoardMaps.

Overview of the BoardMaps solution

BoardMaps is a board portal that supports and assists all board members both before, during, and after the meeting.  BoardMaps is considered just about one of the few solutions that allow board managers to navigate their concerns, raise issues of concern at the meeting and seek solutions.

The space greatly simplifies the work of meeting organizers by making it easier to document data, as well as track other users’ activity and progress toward their goals, to ensure the company’s progress and success.

BoardMaps was founded in 2011 and has been providing its services to virtually every industry and company of all sizes ever since. 

Key Benefits of BoardMaps

Below, we’ll break down the key benefits of BoardMaps, and find out why many companies choose this particular provider for their board meetings:

  • It’s the only problem-oriented board management service

As everyone knows, a lot of behind-the-scenes work must be done for a board of directors to be successful. BoardMaps assists employees who work on board organization and governance and provides a variety of features to make their job easier and more streamlined. The program will keep any unresolved issues insight so that they can be discussed later at the meeting without fail

  • It allows you to make a clear plan for the meeting

When you’ve figured out the list of issues you want to bring up for discussion at the upcoming board meeting, BoardMaps will help you in putting together the agenda. You can use ready-made agenda templates, and distribute the finished document within the space, without having to print and send it out separately to each board member. When you upload the agenda along with additional materials, the rest of the participants will receive an instant email notification. That way everyone can see and properly prepare for the meeting. The space administrator, in turn, will be able to control each participant’s access to all materials. You can access information anywhere and from any device.

  • All decisions are logged and monitored

Quality preliminary study of materials will greatly increase the productivity of the meeting. BoardMaps allows you to record all discussions and feedback and then store them in digital storage. During the meeting, participants can create drafts, take votes, and make informed decisions.

  • You can track the implementation of a decision to see if the goal was met

BoardMaps also allows space administrators to assign tasks within the program, set deadlines, and track progress on projects. And if the action is complex, you can easily create cascading and linked items to create a complete structure.

  • High Security

A board of directors is an extremely confidential meeting. It must be held in a place known only to the participants, and once it is held, all invitations sent out by the secretary must be removed. But with BoardMaps, you no longer have to worry so much about your security. The space uses data encryption, security protocols, dual authentication against unauthorized entry, and permission management.