IDeals Review – leading board portal 2021


Paperwork is a nightmare for any company secretary or executive, especially when it comes to board meetings. To minimize the hassle of your company’s employees and make the whole job more cohesive and efficient, use the Ideals’ board portal. Provider Ideals has long had an excellent reputation among customers, the space helps companies manage board meetings and streamlines many processes. In this article, we’ll do a more in-depth review on Ideals provider and its features.

Ideals Product Overview

Ideals is a large leading company that is well known in the market and is popular among medium to large companies. In addition to its board portal services, the provider has many other projects that help support and improve businesses, such as virtual data rooms. With Ideals, board members can more easily and quickly make important decisions and approve business strategies because the program provides all the tools they need to do so.

Hold remote meetings and upload all necessary documents for the meeting right into the space. Any authorized user can log in to the space and view the data they need when it’s convenient for them. The high level of security will not make you doubt the reliability of the program and will greatly increase your flexibility and productivity.

The main features of the Ideals board portal

Below we highlight the main features of Ideals and tell you exactly how they help your board of directors:

  • Action tracking – the program administrator will be able to see the actions of any user, as well as the documents they have viewed and their actions with that document
  • Assignment management – after a meeting, the board chair can assign tasks to board members right in the space
  • Automatic notifications – as soon as something has been changed or added to the space, the other users get an instant automatic notification to email, so everyone will always stay up to date
  • Archive and store – archive your meeting materials, voting results, etc. so you can always return to them if needed
  • Role-based permissions – the administrator can assign roles within the space that others can act on and view documents
  • Collaborative tools – edit a document together or work on the same task remotely, in real-time
  • Collaborative workspace – administrator can create separate workspaces for individual groups of employees
  • Crypted chat – use a secure space to discuss the most sensitive issues
  • Commenting – you can leave your notes and comments next to a document, the rest of the board can respond to them
  • Electronic Invitation Reminders – Secretaries can send notifications of upcoming meetings right inside the program, without the need to print multiple copies
  • Team calendars – through the portal, all board members can see the exact dates and times of certain events, deadlines for tasks, and so on, all in a digital calendar
  • Voting – decide some issues, such as those you didn’t have time to discuss at the meeting, by voting, remotely
  • Storage and login security -the platform uses data encryption and dual authentication to protect your password to protect your data from leakage
  • Electronic Signature – Sign important documents without the need for a meeting by sending an electronic signature
  • Document templates – Ideals provides templates for documents like agendas and minutes to make it easier for you to create them
  • Document management – easily upload and organize documents in as little time as possible
  • Easy interface – customizable branding, reporting, and templates, streaming presentation, and customer portal
  • Online meeting capability -an especially useful feature in times of pandemic, use the virtual meeting room for votes